About Us

Virtually every product used today would not be possible without corrugated sheets.

Without corrugated sheets, most goods could not be safely shipped to stores, business, or your home. Every box that is delivered to your doorstep or office is made from a corrugated sheet. Corrugated sheets are also routinely used to create seasonal displays, such as cold medicine displays near the checkout at your favorite pharmacy. Pinnacle Corrugated manufactures over 300 million lineal feet of corrugated sheets each year that are used to create packaging and display products. The Pinnacle Family is an extraordinary group of people that truly care about one another, work very hard together, push each other to deliver superior results, and love to “win”. This combination of decades of technical know-how and dedicated people is what drives our success and the success of our customers.

By the numbers

Extensive enhancements made in 2022 allowed our employees to work smarter and not harder. These extensive upgrades include a new Fosber corrugator equipment from the triple stack forward. These upgrades have Increased the line speed of the 110” Fosber corrugator to 1250ft/min. Our new Stickle steam system, including a new Hurst 750hp boiler, allow us to run at such high speeds. With a new waste handling system, enhanced Ducker material handling conveyor system, and Four new Signode strappers, we can operate more efficiently than our competitors. This efficiency created new capacity for our partners and existing customers to continue to grow in their various markets. It also allows us to add new customers in need of quality corrugated sheets delivered on time. At Pinnacle Corrugated, we are set to sustainably deliver results well into the future!


Lineal feet of corrugated sheets produced per day

1250 ft/min

Corrugator line speed

750 hp

Hurst Boiler


Signnode Strappers


Premier certifications for forest sustainability


Years of operational excellence
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