People first culture.
Customer focused results.

Our Promise
Delivering unsurpassed products and customer experiences by providing our co-workers the tools, training, facilities, and opportunities to grow.
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Pinnacle is defined as the highest peak or the most successful point.

At Pinnacle Corrugated, we maintain our namesake by continuously innovating our business processes and technology. By empowering our team to safely make quality sheets fast, we can deliver the variety, quality, and quantity of products our customers demand with very short lead times. With significant upgrades in 2022, we are positioned to manufacture the quality products our customers have come to expect long into the future. Our team provides our customers a competitive advantage in their marketplace. We will never stop working for our customers, partners, and employees to be The Pinnacle in our industry!

About Us

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Our values

Culture shaping standards. Character sculpting model.



We maintain a safe plant by managing our people's risk tolerance. We believe changing behaviors is the key to safety success...not adding rules.

customer focused


We believe that having the courage to always do what is right is the foundation to our culture and it is how we define integrity.

people first

Customer focused

We value treating people, our teammates, and our customers, the way we wish to be treated. People are the most important…always.



We encourage positive energy and goal-driven attitudes which leads to outstanding performance and reliability in people, processes, and equipment.

always learning

Always learning

We encourage learning through training and educational opportunities.


Embrace change

As the market changes, we must change with it. We have been operating for over 20 years, changing as the market shifted, positioning ourselves for a long future.


Our goal is to eliminate waste…all of it.

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